Ula Sport designs eclectic, funky apparel to move in. Created by Gonca Gul, it features men’s sports-fashion, women’s sport-fashion, and unisex sports-fashion items in a variety of styles and colors. Ula Sport’s weightless rayon knitwear breathes as it flows. Itt was designed in and inspired by the jungles of Nosara, Costa Rica. Most pieces are one size fits all. Ula is sold online, at events in NYC, in Dance and NYC Yoga studios, specialty stores worldwide, The Bazaar Boutique at the Harmony Hotel Nosara, and Blue Spirit Omega Retreat Center, both in Nosara Costa Rica. Ula Sport can be worn many different ways, on many different body types.

Inspired by classic Middle Eastern styles, gypsies, and whirling dervishes, the line is reminiscent of far away lands- perfect for travel, resort, retreats, and spa. Ranging from sports bras, tops, jumpsuits, pants, tees, to accessories and music, Ula Sport offers men’s, women’s and unisex sportswear items, most are one size-fits-all. Ula Sport is produced in Bali using fine, high quality fabric. Ula Sport's philosophy is to create daring and creative garments that merge classic style with modern functionality

Perfect for dance, Ula Sport is loved by 5Rythm dancers, African dancers and Belly Dancers. Beautifully cut fabric in unique, original, sexy designs and sexy shapes that fit all body types. Ula Sport is worn in the studio and on the street. It is casual, active clothing and lifestyle clothing.