Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ula Sport's philosophy?
Ula Sport's philosophy is to create high-quality, comfortable, daring, and creative garments that merge classic style with modern functionality. We work with a small team of amazing individuals who have become part of our family, and we share this loving, supportive relationship with our friends who love to sweat, celebrate and move their body in any way that inspires them!
Where is Ula Sport based?
Ula Sport is based in Brooklyn, New York. 
Where can I find stores that sell Ula Sport?
Currently, Ula Sport is only available online and through our boutique Bazzar located at the Hotel Harmony in Nosara, Guanacaste Peninsula, Costa Rica. 
What fabric is Ula Sport made of?
Most pieces are made of 100% rayon jersey, with some containing up to 5% lycra.
What is rayon?
Strictly speaking, rayon is not an artificial fiber, because it is derived from naturally occurring cellulose. It is not, however, a natural fabric, because cellulose requires processing to become rayon. Therefore, rayon sits neatly in between a natural fabric and a technological fabric, giving the benefits of both. 
How do I take care of my Ula Sport garment?
We recommend that you care for your garment by hand-washing in cold water with a mild detergent, and laying flat to dry. All pieces should be folded and stored flat. This will ensure that you get the longest life out of your Ula items. Please be aware that machine-washing your items can result in warping and damage.
What do I do when my garment stretches?
Because Ula Sport pieces are made of rayon or a rayon/lycra blend, the fabrics are prone to stretching. When this happens, you can place the garment in a dryer on medium setting for 6-10 minutes. To minimize stretching, all pieces should be folded and stored flat, not hung.
How do you define one size fits all?
We have mastered the concept of one size fits all clothing by creating garments that utilize the fall and drape of fabric to create their shape. These pieces feature wrap closures and long ties, allowing the garment to be properly fitted to every individual's unique body. 
How does unisex work?
The unisex size fits men and women size 0-14 and men size 24-42.
Do you have a size chart?
Yes, you can see our size chart here.
How will my Ula Sport purchase show up on my bill?
Your Ula Sport purchase will be billed through Gonca Style Inc.
Will shipping costs be refunded when making a return?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund shipping costs associated with a returned item. The customer is also responsible for shipping costs when sending an item back.