About Us

Ula Sport is an emerging line of athletic clothing inspired by human movement. Designed to wrap your body in a comfortable, flexible, and flattering way, the collection incorporates age-old elements reminiscent of spinning sufis, tai chi, capoeira, and ancient martial arts. Embracing both form and function, this line can be worn from dance class to dinner, bridging the gap between active apparel and fashion-forward clothing.

Ula Sport's philosophy is to create daring and creative garments that merge classic style with modern functionality. Working with a small group of amazing individuals, the Ula Sport team has become a close knit family, and we want to share this loving, supportive relationship with our friends around the globe who love to sweat and move their bodies!

It was April of last year when I was invited to a magical Mayan ceremony concert in Tulum, when I saw Teutli Miranda perform for the first time. I was mesmerized by her as soon as she came out, with her earthy yet out-of-this-world look. She was different from anything I'd ever seen before. Through her smoke dance, fire dance, and crystal ball dance, it became very clear that this had to be the face of the newest Ula Sport collection. Overcome by beauty and inspiration, I rushed over to her after the performance and immediately asked her to be my model. In the rush and tumult, we didn't even get each other's contact information. When I returned to Tulum later in the year, I was very happy to find her, in a beautiful community called Uno. And there our journey began.


"I was born and raised in the city of Monterrey. My passion for dance began as a child inspired by various artistic, gymnastic and sports trainings.

Over time, I was part of different artistic companies, where I had the opportunity to enhance my knowledge in various techniques such as aerial dance and fire dance .

With these learned skills, I’ve developed my intuitive dance… "

Teutli Miranda
Teutli Miranda